Managing and operating a successful care business can be difficult. There is undoubtedly a lot to manage when juggling the diverse needs of your service customers, CQC standards, and proper data management.
Most importantly, it is crucial to make sure you are providing the best calibre of care to service users. Therefore, it is crucial that you have a carefully considered recruitment plan to enable your organization to access the appropriate numbers of carers with the appropriate skills, competencies, and values, at the moment you need them.

Here’s where carers can step in. We’ll take care of the time and effort involved in finding care employees as your committed Care Staffing Partner, freeing you up to concentrate on providing care. Consider the time you devote to recruiting, CV screening, interviews, and addressing rejected candidates. You only need to worry about making the final hiring decision and integrating the caretaker into your organization because we can handle everything else. Depending on the requirements of our clients, we arrange career days and candidate attraction campaigns of all sizes, and prospective employees are evaluated individually. We only send you someone’s profile after determining if they are fit, so please take that into mind.

While we are happy to assist some of the major UK care home and home care providers with their staffing requirements, we also recognize that independent specialty care providers must also prioritize recruitment. By working with CareWorkers, you’ll get the ability to manage recruitment without spending the numerous hours and money necessary to do so. This will free up more time and cash flow for you to use in growing your company. Our services are customized to meet your specific demands. We have a solution to suit you, whether you need us to launch a national recruiting drive to fill numerous care assistant positions or only need a Registered Manager to help grow your business.

Please browse our services to understand how we can help benefit your organization

Our Services

For specialised home care positions where a lack of qualified people may normally make life difficult, we find top-notch candidates.

Careworkers uses some of the most extensive and effective candidate attraction strategies to increase public awareness of the care industry.

We may use a variety of cutting-edge attraction strategies to find these people by having a clear grasp of what makes a successful care recruit.

We are continually looking for the unique kind of person we know will succeed working in care, whether it be through extremely effective internet ads or scouring high streets across the nation.

Large-scale recruitment initiatives can frequently put a tremendous burden on your resources as you organise and coordinate them.

Recruitment efforts frequently have low return on investment due to the large number of CVs that must be sorted, the need to schedule and execute interviews, and the difficulty of dealing with many applicants of poor quality.

Allowing Careworkers to handle your recruitment campaign allows you to take advantage of our experience gained over years of recruiting as well as the tremendous economies of scale we can offer, which can help you save hundreds or even thousands of pounds and countless staffing hours.
Speak with us right away so that we can jointly create a campaign that meets the requirements of your company.

You may occasionally need to hire a carer on a contract or temporary basis depending on the demands of your company.

Often, you don’t have the time or resources to carry out a thorough, drawn-out recruitment procedure since you need someone to join your firm quickly.

You can rely on Careworkers to supply you with qualified local candidates quickly. All of them have met our quality control criteria and are qualified, so you can work with us with complete confidence.

Additionally, we provide fully compliant payroll solutions to shield you from all dangers related to agency labour.

We have the ability to give you with the most suitable resource for your needs, whether you need a Care Manager to cover a few more hours per week or a Care Assistant to add 16 hours of coverage to your care team.

Our recruitment service is concentrated on providing permanent employees.

We recognise that you will have specific needs and demands for your care personnel, and before we begin hiring on your behalf, we make sure we thoroughly get the culture and values of your organization.

Using our cutting-edge recruitment strategies, we combine several facets of our recruitment knowledge to find the appropriate care workers for your organization, giving you the foundation to expand your company and meet the needs of your customers.

Whether they are employed by your competitors or in another line of work, we proactively follow the whereabouts of the most qualified people we believe might fit your firm.

We create talent pools of local applicants through our proactive strategy, so when you have a vacancy, we frequently have a quick fix.

We are certain to know a qualified local candidate who is the best fit for your needs, whether you need seasoned Home Care Assistants to provide night care or a trainee care coordinator.


When it comes to filling senior positions that are crucial for company, our specialised headhunting team provides the ideal answer to carers.

Our staff has the knowledge and connections to find uncommon and sought-after senior individuals, many of whom are not on the job market, for roles ranging from care directors to executive management and beyond.

We can transparently match senior experts with like-minded care organisations thanks to our confidential engagement philosophy.

We are aware of how crucial it is for your company to choose the proper candidate for this position because they will either advance your organization or result in significant losses for you.

We analyze each potential hire’s personality, reasons for leaving, future goals, the opinions of their peers, and how well they will fit into your organization’s culture using our reliable filtering metrics.

We wouldn’t then suggest them for your consideration unless we were satisfied.

Speak with our staff right away in the strictest confidence so that we can collaborate to make this hiring process successful for you.

Care firms who lack the resources or personnel to handle internal hiring might use our totally outsourced recruitment solution.

We eliminate every step of your hiring procedure and create a plan that is ideal for your company.

You can count on us to handle every element of your hiring process, making sure you have access to care staff of the proper calibre when your company needs them.

We use open pricing structures, service level agreements, and frequent reviews to give you complete control over the amount of help we provide for your company.


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